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Sunday, 20 January 2013

New supplies to optimise my functional rehabilitation of clients

I have been looking into supplies

To optimise my work.

Theraband is available in the colours we have plus black silver and gold strengths.

Silver and gold are only available in the latex containing variety I think.

I can't order micro hurdles in the Physio med website. I must use the catalogue.


  1. Either way new supplies is a good idea. My uncle goes to some physiotherapy clinics in Ontario and said he felt a difference after they had received new supplies.

  2. Do you know a good center for physiotherapy in Oakville? I need to get help recovering from a knee injury I had.

  3. I have really seen a number of crappy posts but this is the special one for me because it has really favorably influenced me. Good luck…. phuket-physiotherapy